#WD83CL-CF Wooden Jewelry Display Case with a Tempered Glass Top Lid with Key Lock, Coffee Color WD83CL-CF


$11.70  / Each


Size: 15"W x 8 3/4"D x 2"H
Unit: Each

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This lockable wooden jewelry display box is perfect for displaying knives, rocks, minerals arrowheads, pins, medals, fossils, coins, etc…. Made of lightweight and sturdy with coffee color. Accessories are NOT included.

  • COFFEE COLOR WOODEN DISPLAY CASE - This display case is ideal for storing earrings, rings, beads, pins, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, medal and more.
  • TEMPERED GLASS LID - A display box featuring tempered glass lid which allows you to view the items inside the box easily.
  • LOCKABLE WOODEN DISPLAY CASE - Made of wood with a sturdy metal clasp, hinges, and a key lock.
  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Wood; Overall: 15''W x 8 1/2''D x 2''H 
  • Accessories are NOT included