#BF-1001Y Foldable Beads and Pearl Necklace Showcase BF-1001Y_Black


$13.34  / Each

SKU: BF-1001Y_Black

Size: 7 5/8" x 7 5/8"
Unit: Each

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SKU: BF-1001Y

This foldable storage comes with four velvet pads for holding up to four beads or pearl necklaces. It serves as a great way to store and transport your precious jewelry. The soft velvet protects jewelry from scratches and the velcro closure ensures your jewelry stay inside safely.

  • FOLDABLE STORAGE - A great way to store your beads/pearl necklace 
  • INSERT - Comes with four velvet pads
  • CLOSURE - Velcro closure
  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Velvet, 7 5/8"W x 7 5/8"D, Each
  • Accessories are NOT included