#LD27768 Set of 10 Mini Clear Plastic Funnels with a height of 1.58 inches (40mm), a top opening width of 1.18 inches (30mm), and a bottom opening width of 8mm. Perfect for Lab Bottles, Essential Oils, Perfumes, Spices, Sand Art, and Powder. LD27768

Nile Corp

$1.25 $3.75 / Set, 10 Pcs / Set

SKU: LD27768

Size: 3 x 3.9cm/pc
Unit: Set, 10 Pcs / Set

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Mini Funnel

A multi-functional essential: Adaptable for use with laboratory bottles, oils, perfumes, spices, sand-art, and even powdering, this luxurious set of 10 funnels is a handy addition for all your measuring needs. Made of clear, high-quality plastic, the mini size ensures precision filling without mess, and is sturdy and long-lasting, plus easy to clean and reuse. No matter the project, this high-quality set of 10 funnels will be your go-to, enabling you to fill and measure accurately for a beautiful and professional finish. Its clear, strong plastic material ensures maximum durability and a stress-free clean up every time!