#LD67690 Sewing Thimble Finger Protector, Adjustable Finger Metal Shield Protector Pin Needles Sewing Quilting Craft Accessories DIY Sewing Tools LD67690

Nile Corp

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SKU: LD67690

Size: Inner diameter 0.63"-0.70"Lx0.98"H
Unit: Each

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Sewing Thimble

The Protective Thimbles make sewing projects easier than ever. These vintage metal thimbles fit comfortably, allowing for hours of sewing with protection for your fingertips. Furthermore, these durable and versatile thimbles are suitable for everything from embroidery to quilting. Try the thimbles today and enjoy the comfort and convenience of effortless sewing. Discover the convenience of effortless sewing with the Protective Thimbles. These vintage metal thimbles fit comfortably, providing hours of protection for your fingertips while you work - from embroidery to quilting. Experience the comfort, durability, and versatility for yourself - try them today and never look back!