#LD97198 Sticky Dots, Sticky Tack Poster Putty 1000 10mm/0.39" LD97198

Nile Corp

$5.99 $11.98 / Set, 10 sheets / Set

SKU: LD97198

Size: Dot:1cm/0.39", 4.8"x4.9"
Unit: Set, 10 sheets / Set

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Sticky Dots

Sticky Dots, Sticky Tack Poster Putty 1000 10mm/0.39", Double Sided Removable Clear Mounting Round Reusable Tacky Transparent Adhesive Putty Sticker Glue for Wall Hanging Pictures, Art Craft, 100pcs per sheet and 10sheet per 1000pcs

Ensuring a powerful and lasting bond, these clear dots offer a discreet and refined application to any flat surface. To adhere, simply remove the backing paper and attach for an effortless crafting, gift-wrapping, or scrapbooking experience.