#91-A2 Large Soft Premium PVC Carrying Case 91-A2_Black


$24.49  / Each

SKU: 91-A2_Black

Size: 16"W x 9"D x 19"H
Unit: Each

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SKU: 91-A2

This large premium soft shell PVC carrying case has a convenient carrying handle and can fit up to 17 standard sized 1" jewelry trays. It can be stored flat to conserve space and the zipper closure allows to slide in the trays efficiently.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - This case is made of premium PVC with a carrying handle.
  • CAPACITY - It fits 17 standard sized 1" jewelry display trays.
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN - It can be folded and stored easily.
  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Premium PVC, 16"W x 9"D x 19"H each
  • Accessories and trays are NOT included