#NDF573 Paper Twine Wrapped Triple T-Bar Bracelet Display NDF573_Natural


$15.50  / Each

SKU: NDF573_Natural

Size: 12''W x 13'' H x 10''D
Unit: Each

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 Bracelet Display

This paper sculpted triple T-bar (12"L x 1 3/4" diameter) display with a wooden base can hold a large number of bracelets and necklaces of different shapes and sizes. Each bar stands at a different height on 2", 6", and 10 1/4" posts. It is hand wrapped in woven natural fiber, so color and size may vary slightly. Available in black, natural, gray. Jewelry not included.
  • PAPER TWINE TRIPLE T BAR- This display has the sturdy construction of 3 tier height level rods
  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Wood and natural fiber; 12''W x 13'' H x 10''D, t-bar: 12"L x 1 3/4"Dia.; each
  • Accessories are NOT included