#WD3511-BK Wooden 11 Acrylic Clips Ring Tray Display WD3511-BK

Nile Corp

$6.22  / Each

SKU: WD3511-BK

Size: 6.22"W x 4.25"D x 1.57"H
Unit: Each

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SKU: WD3511

Ring Tray

  • LIGHTWEIGHT WOOD - The ring display tray is made of lightweight wood with 11 Acrylic Ring Holder Clips.
  • RING STORAGE ORGANIZER - Specially designed to display 11 ring separately and maximize the use of benefits.
  • PERFECT VIEWING ANGLE - The inclined design lets the customers can see all the rings at a perfect angle.
  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Wood ; Overall: 6.22"W x 4.25"D x 1.57"H
  • Accessories are NOT included