#WD610L-BRX2 2 Pcs Set Multi-Functional Tabletop or Wall-Mountable Wooden Hand-Shaped Jewelry Display Stand WD610L-BRX2


$8.79  / Set, 2pcs/Set


Size: 6.7"D x 4.1"W x 14.1"H
Unit: Set, 2pcs/Set

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Jewelry Display Stand

The unique jewelry stand offers the best of both worlds: stand it upright to showcase rings and bracelets, or flip it over for a wrist bracelet display with a base for rings. The hand-shaped holders make it perfect for craft shows, business events, retail stores, or personal use in your home.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL JEWELRY DISPLAY STAND - Insert the hand-shaped arm or finger section into the base. The elegant presentation can showcase at multiple rings while also accommodating bracelets, making it a versatile choice for displaying various jewelry pieces.
  • TABLETOP OR WALL-MOUNTABLE - The display stand features a durable base that can be effortlessly positioned on any tabletop or hung on the wall using the built-in hanger. Beyond its exquisite jewelry presentation, it imparts an elegant aura to any space, elevating the ambiance with its delightful and refined hand-shaped design.
  • LONGER ARM FOR DISPLAYING 24-36 BRACELETS - Carefully designed to mimic the realistic proportions of a hand, our unique display stand features longer arms, allowing for the elegant presentation of 24-36 bracelets.
  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Wood; Overall:‎6.7"D x 4.1"W x 14.1"H
  •  Accessories are not included.