#ORG-3566 4 Piece Suit Garment, Dress, and Coat Storage Set ORG-3566-Beige


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SKU: ORG-3566-Beige

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SKU: ORG-3566 

This set of cloth storage is Categorized with cute labels each suit or clothing cover so you wouldn't have to flip and spend forever opening and searching for that one dress suit.

  • CLOTH STORAGE SET - Four pieces set for suit garment, dress, and coat
  • SIZE & MATERIAL - Nylon; Small: 22 1/4"W x 31 1/2"H, medium: 22 1/4"W x 43 3/4"H, large: 23 1/2"W x 11"D x 35"H
  • Accessories are NOT included