#LD09360 1 set Screw Eye Pins Metal Hand Drill Equipments LD09360

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Hand Drill Equipments

One Set of Handmade Jewelry Making Tools: Pin Vise Hand Drill with 10 Precision Drill Bits for Epoxy Resin Art, Wood, Clay, and DIY Resin Keychain Crafting, Ideal for Resin Casting Molds. All the essentials you need to craft custom creations. Make art with ease using this high-quality and versatile pin vise and drill bit set - perfect for DIY resin keychains, clay, epoxy resin art, and woodworking. Unleash your imagination and start crafting today!

1x hand drill
10 pcs drill bits -0.8mm to 3.0mm
360 pcs eye screws (Gold, silver, and Nikel color)