#LD24539 Mini Key Chain Tool Vernier Caliper Key Chain LD24539

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Size: About 5cm x 2.3cm,10.7cm x 3cm
Unit: Each

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Mini vernier caliper

Mini Key Chain Tool Vernier Caliper Key Chain Portable Ruler Model Mini Key Pendant Creative Vernier Caliper,Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Model: Vernier Caliper
Size: About 5cm x 2.2cm
Total Length: About 10.5cm

Experience a new level of sophistication with our Mini Vernier Caliper Keychain in shimmering silver. This exceptional accessory combines the practicality of a tool and the glamour of high-end fashion, making it the perfect choice for engineers, tech enthusiasts, and luxury aficionados alike. Small in size, it offers a powerful punch!